A Lap Around Visual Studio Team System - Nov 9, 2004 - North York Public Library, Auditorium, Library 2nd Floor - -32

The announced Visual Studio Team System promises to raise the level of discipline in the way we develop software today. Firstly, a new diagramming capability is being added to allow for class diagrams and "service-oriented" design diagrams for both contract design and logical deployment. New features including support for test driven development and refactoring will increase developer productivity and discipline.

Speaking of testing there is a new "NUnit-style" framework that also support UI testing and Load testing. A new build environment called MSBuild combined with the new source control repository and its support for static code analysis and code coverage policies makes for a well rounded, full life cycle IDE.

In addition to the normal SWAG, we will be giving away an Xbox gaming system and a copy of Halo 2 at this meeting!