Refactoring for VB.NET 2005 Going Away?

Well, not completely.  You have to read a little bit into this post, but it appears that the only support for refactoring in VB.NET Whidbey is the Rename Symbol function. To me, this means that one of the major differences between C# and VB.NET in Whidbey will be refactoring support, as C# Refactoring implements a few more functions. 

By the way, this shouldn't completely surprise anyone.  Check out the following post from a year ago.  It describes the refactoring features that C# Whidbey will support (subject to change, of course).  But in one of the comments from Scott Wiltamuth (a C# Product Unit Manager) it is suggested even then the VB.NET might not get much more than Rename Symbol. 

Very prescient.