Splitting Logs

Over the Thanksgiving weekend I rented a log splitter. Now I love everything electronic, I am a fairly typical developer. But I also love a good power tool and this was a beauty.

I had two trees in my yard that had been taken down for one reason of another and left for me to one day split into fire wood. The people who took them down were good enough to cut them into 16 inch (40 cm) pieces. Which was great but some of them were over 2 ft (61 cm) in diameter. I actually spent $15 at Canadian Tire and bought a wedge that you hammer into the log to split it. I tried that for about an hour one day. looked up at all the wood to be done and gave up.

This is when I decided to rent a Log Splitter. This thing was great. Although this is not a picture of the one I used. It gives you an idea of what one looks like.

It's hard to describe how much fun this was. Not to mention how much easier it makes splitting two trees worth of wood. Just put a log of apparently any size into it and pull the leaver. It splits the log like slicing cold cuts. :)