VS.NET IDE Teaching an old Dog new Tricks

I love hanging out with new VS.NET developers. It's enlightening to hear the troubles the face and their new found energy to solve them. I have to blog more about these - but in general, there are often things that I do out of habit in the IDE or things that I live with because I'm too lazy (or tired or busy) to find a way around them.

Two new tricks were brought to my attention by an associate of mine.

“How do I find all of the references to a class or usages of a member?” or “When I right click on a class and select Go To Reference, it goes to the first one it finds. How do I go to the next one?”.

The best answer is CTRL+SHIFT+1 which will jump you to the next reference. CTRL+SHIFT+2 will take you to the next reference.

I couldn't find this short cut anywhere in the menu's. The complete list of short cuts can be found here.

Which begged another question. Can I put short cuts or favorites in the IDE? Indeed, under View>Other Windows there is a favorites window which is your machines favorites. This is great to have docked right next to your Dynamic Help (if you have it turned on).

A similar question was “How do I find all of the descendent's of a class or implementations of an interface?”. I always using the online help for that, which doesn't help for your own code. One of the solutions I found (and maybe there is a better one) is to use Find Symbol under the Find and Replace menu (ALT-F12).