The Best of both worlds

So how is this for getting the best of both worlds.

Below you see a application using .Net Datawindows. This application took less than an hour to write. I'd like to see you write this app with PowerBuilder or VB.NET in the same time. Since all you see here on my BLOG is a screen shot, let me tell you about some of the features available in this little application.

  • There are four DataWindows. A Freeform, a Graph, labels and a Group By. They are all sharing the same disconnected record set. using a DataWindowControl method called share( ). This means if you change data in the top DW it is immediately reflected in the other Datawindows. Imagine how long creating these different views would take.
  • Thanks to VB.Net I was able to use panels, splitterbars and docking which allowed me to place these on the form and be able to shrink and grow the region they take up on the form. This was never easy in PowerBuilder.
  • Total lines of code: 5

I think the two tools together make great development partners. (I know the app is ugly that is not the point.)

Then if I change some data in the main DW and move the splitter bar over. You see the graph and Nancy's address label is different.