Web MSN plus SP2 and BitTorrent

Well MSN has knocked one of its shortfalls of the list (it's pretty long).

I heard last week that Microsoft had openned up a web-based version of its popular MSN client, but everytime I tried it the site seemed to be down. However it seems to be up and pretty stable, and it's pretty nice too. Microsoft seems to be doing some pretty great things with WebGUI's, WebOutlook looks almost identical to normal Outlook, and now web MSN looks amazingly like MSN as well.

So everyone give it a try at http://webmessenger.msn.com/


Also a note on SP2, anyone installed it yet? I heard a lot of bad things during the beta stages, I assume that Microsoft fixed all these problems before they turned it Gold, but I'm still a little hesitant. IBM has apparently asked its users to hold off with the install. Apparently this is routine, but I now have a mounting list of 'apparents and hopes'. The list of improvements does sound nice though, maybe not for myself (but the new WiFi improvements should be interesting to see) but more for the family that I have become the unofficial tech-support for. There is a good article at NeoWin about the improvements and beefed up security.


My last note is that at http://sp2torrent.com/index.php you can get a Torrent for the new SP2 (which is a pretty big file). I'm glad to see that there are people trying to show a legal use for P2P before the US Government ups and makes it illegal. My car has illegal uses too, but I haven't heard of any bills before the US Congress to ban cars for any use...