My .NET Datawindow works

I got some help from two very nice gentleman at Sybase who read my Blog and offered to help me get my sample application with the .NET DataWindow working. As it turned out I abandoned the project I made and created a new one and it worked. I have no answer as to why at this point.

So I made a C# windows application and a VB.NET windows application. Each with a Datawindow that gathers data from the employee table of the Northwind Database. The DataWindow I created contains a computed field, and expressions to colour certain rows and columns based on the data retrieved.

I also added a sybase transaction object and three lines of code that I have written in powerscript many many many times.

  1. this.transaction.Connect();
  2. this.dataWindowControl1.SetTransaction(this.transaction);
  3. this.dataWindowControl1.Retrieve();

So check it out. Below you see a Datawindow. With the following expressions. If the country is UK make the whole row grey. If the employee was born before 1960 show their name in red. Autosize the height of the address column. :)