DataWindow .Net

Tonight I installed DataWindow.Net, which is shipping with PowerBuilder 10. It's a set of libraries that let you use PowerBuilder DataWindows in your .Net applications.

I downloaded an evaluation version of DataWindow.Net and the Datawindow Designer. I had to see what it was like. So I installed it, the install said it couldn't find a copy of Visual Studio 2003. So I had to add the Datawindow objects to the VS toolbox myself.

It added a DatawindowControl and DataStore and a Transaction Object.

So I opened the datawindow Designer and created a datawindow. Didn't have much trouble with that, it looked pretty much like PowerBuilder. Then I created a windows application in .Net and dropped a DataWindowControl on the form set the LibraryList property and DataObject property and there was my Datawindow in my .NET form.

I added a button and coded a setTransaction and Retrieve. (DataWindowControl methods to tell the datawindow what Database to connect to and execute the Select command of the Datawindow.)

My application built without error. And the bin directory contained a PBD (PowerBuilders version of a DLL) containing my Datawindow Object, along with some other Sybase DLL's. Unfortunately when I run my little application I get a TypeLoadException “Could not load type Sybase.DataWindow.DatawindowControl“. But I'm tired anyway so I'll try again tomorrow.

I'm going to try and do some more investigation. Mostly just for my own curiosity. There are a lot of things I don't miss about the Datawindow but there are a lot of things I miss a lot.

If anyone else out there is evaluating this new Sybase effort to save the DataWindow I'd be very interested in your findings also.