Productivity tips for the Immediate window

Here is a nice little Immediate window trick I just came across. It's not going to change your life but it might make using the immediate window a little easier.

Have you ever wanted to change the last thing you looked at slightly, perhaps you were looking at the number of rows in the order Table.


and now you want to see the number of rows in the OrderDetail Table. Just highlight the command you just entered, and start changing it, a new command is created automatically.

This this nice when you are checking all the items in a collection by just editing the index.

  • ?OrderData.OrderDetails(0).itemarray
  • ?OrderData.OrderDetails(1).itemarray

I know, your thinking you can just hit the up arrow and the last command is yours for the changing. This is just another little trick for duplicating and altering the last command at the same time.