My First VS.NET 2005 Disconnect

Any time that you move from one version of a tool to another, there will be mental disconnects. I'm defining a disconnect as the period of time between deciding that you want to perform a particular action and finding out how to do it using the new tool. I just ran into my first one today.

I wanted to create a web services project so that I could place with the schema extensions that have been added. So I go File | New | Projects and looked for an ASP.NET project in the list of templates. They aren't there. So my first thought is that somehow I forgot to install the web templates with the rest of the application. Back to the installation process looking for some switch I missed. Not there. So I google to see if anyone else has had the problem. Nothing found down that avenue either.

I'm getting a bit frustrated now and for some reason, I go back to the File | New menu item. And see that I can create a Web Site instead of a Project. Choosing that particular option opens a dialog with the expected ASP.NET Web Site, ASP.NET Web Service projects. Except that they aren't called projects any more. Of course. Because if they were, they would be under New | Projects. Wouldn't they?

(deep breath).

OK. I'm all better now.