BizTalk 2004 at Metro Toronto User Group - Jun 16, 2004 - Toronto - -18

On June 16, Matt will be speaking at the Metro Toronto User Group meeting on BizTalk 2004. An abstract of the presentation can be found below. For details on the time and location of the meeting or to register to attend, click here.

AbstractIn today's business environment, it is increasingly important to createbusiness processes that combine separate and diverse applications into acoherent whole. BizTalk Server 2004 enables you to connect diverseapplications, and then use a graphical user interface to create and modifybusiness processes that use services from those applications.

Released in March of 2004, BizTalk Server 2004 expands and improves onthe BizTalk 2000 and BizTalk 2002 Platforms. Some of the improvementsof BizTalk 2004 include:a) Built around the Microsoft .NET Framework.b) Development environment encapsulated into Visual Studio .NET 2003.c) BizTalk Projects compiled into .NET Assemblies.d) Business Rule Composer.e) Single Sign-On capability.f) many many more.

Demos and discussions will include:a) An overview of the new BizTalk 2004 development environment.b) How BizTalk fits in with SOA (Service Oriented Architecture).c) Using BizTalk Server to coordinate a Batch Job.d) Using BizTalk Server to consume a Web Service and to expose itself as aWeb Service.e) Calling business rules created in the Business Rule Composer from anOrchestration.