Getting the DataRow that is bound to an Infragistics UltraGridRow

Here is one of those posts I make because I keep forgetting how to do it. Now that I have posted it I won't forget. Perhaps someone else will be searching for this little code snipit and I will have helped them out. :)

If you have an Infragistics Grid bound to a Dataset, and you want to get the DataRow that the UltraGridRow references. Here is what you do.

Cast the UltraGridRow's ListObject property to a DataRowView and get the DataRow from that.

I'll do the code sample in VB this time.

Dim GridRow As UltraGridRow  'Let's assume you have the GridRow perhaps passed in an event argument
Dim OrderRow As

OrderRow = CTypeCType
GridRow.ListObject, DataRowView  ).row , Myapp.Orders.OrderData.OrderRow  )

This will return Null if it's an UltraGridGroupByRow.