Unit Test Case Stub Generator for 100% Code Coverage

I've been a fan of Jonathan de Halleux's blog for a while now. He takes Unit testing to a new level with his mbUnit project. He's done some funky stuff with graphs. I really like his Reflector add in for generating call graphs and assembly references. For me, his add-ins were the reason for me to switch from an Anakrino to Reflector as my reverse engineering tool of choice (although I should have done that anyway).

I'm totally impressed with how much code this guy turns out in a given day. On Friday I was intrigued by his Automatic Unit Test Case generator - that is a Reflector add-in. He uses an IL graph to extract a code path to get full code coverage. OK so you still have to write the guts, but if  “the man” is making you write unit tests to demonstrate high %'s of code coverage, then this is what you need. Thanks Jonathan.

No wonder MS hired this guy.