Code Reviews

Code Reviews

I suggest that we standardize on the tag REVIEW and we should append our username to make it clear who did the review. Here is an example for C# code.

// REVIEW: dunlop - Add copyright notice

Here is a link to how to create a custom annotation tag:


which requires VS and MSDN to work, or here is the important info from that link.

To create a custom comment token

A comment token is a character string that can be used in addition to the pre-defined tokens TODO, HACK, or UNDONE as your personal marker for notes in your code.

Note Characters permitted as comment tokens include alphanumeric characters, $, _, (, and ).

1. On the Tools menu, choose Options.
2. Choose Environment, and then choose Task List.
3. In the Comment tokens area, type a Name for your custom token.
4. From the Priority list, choose Normal, Low, or High.
5. Click Add, and then choose OK.

Note: Comments in HTML, .CSS, and .XML markup are not displayed in the Task List.

After adding the custom annotation tag then you will still need to enable 'comments' in the View : Show Tasks menu

What about Jeff Cooper's tool that he reviewed?