Reducing the iPAQ Battery Loss pain

I liked my IPaq for all of about 2 weeks. I happened to have no need for it during a “coding bender” I hadn't taken it out of my briefcase to charge it for a few days. When I finally did get around to looking at it - battery dead. I charged it only to be later prompted by the screen calibration thingy, no owner information set - and guess what - no data either. That's a pretty crappy user experience if you ask me. I used to have a RIM blackberry with a double A battery that seemed to last months. And when it died, I had lots of time (and warning) to get it replaced before data was lost.

I had backed up my ipaq to my sd flash ram card a few times, but today I noticed something cool. A trigger based on battery power! If you go into the iPAQ Backup program, under options, schedule, there is “Enable Battery Monitor” checkbox with an option to “Backup Automatically” and a place to enter in a battery % threshold. I've changed to backup to my typically always insert storage card so hopefully I'll never have this pain again.