Borland's Together Modeling tool for .Net

I've had the opportunity to use Borland's Together Control Center product a lot lately.

For those of you that are wondering "What the hell is Together?", the Borland web site defines it as:

"An integrated development platform designed to simplify and accelerate the analysis, design, development, and deployment of enterprise applications."

Translation... yet another UML case tool.

Initially, I found my self asking... Why would I use this when Visio Enterprise Architect does basically the same thing?

The answer lies in its simplicity.  I found the Together IDE easier to use than Visio and the code generation it produced from my models was just as good.  Plus it provides the ability to track requirements, test cases and generate excellent html documentation.

There were a few minor annoyances such as the way it produces nested namespaces and its Java style indentation, but all and all it is a fairly capable product, especially considering that it is the first version that offers C# and VB.Net support.

Although it does lack some of the extended UML elements that Visio provides as well as pre-built classes for the .Net framework, I expect these will be offered in future versions.