You Know Blogging Has Arrived When...

A quote from Bill Gates' keynote at the Microsoft-hosted CEO Summit.

“Another new phenomenon that connects into this [collaboration] is one that started outside of the business space, more in the corporate or technical enthusiast space, a thing called blogging. And a standard around that that notifies you that something has changed called RSS.”

I guess we can all sleep easier now that our life's work has been validated. ;)

Actually, the most interesting thing about Bill's comments is that he pitches it as being, in some ways, superior to email as a communications medium.  Less intrusive and less prone to CC-spamming (that's when some CC's everyone and their mother on an email to ensure that no one feels left out). And when you're talking about blogging to Warren Buffet, Barry Diller, et al. odds are pretty good that the level of corporate interest in RSS will increase over the next six months.