TechEd BOF Session on Integrating Unit Testing Tools and Practices into the Software Development Life Cycle.

This session which was originally scheduled for Tuesday night is now moved to Sunday night at 8pm. This should allow people who were interested in the Peter Provost's hosted Continous Integration Testing BOF to attend both of these sessions.
BOF36  Integrating Unit Testing Tools and Practices Into the Software Development LifeCycle
Sunday , May 23 8:00 PM- 9:00 PM, Location TBA
Speaker(s): Barry Gervin
Automated Unit Testing tools and practices are finding their way into the dev life cycle of more and more IT shops each day. Some people simply use NUnit to demonstrate a bug and prove that's fixed. Others use NUnit to demonstrate a % goal for code coverage. Others go as far as to use Test Driven Development to drive the design of their applications. People are using Unit testing harnesses for Design, Functional Testing, Performance and Security Testing. In this discussion we will raise awareness of the current tools and practices that people are using today and how best to address the more holistic needs with future tools and practices.
And if you happen to be going to TechEd Amsterdam, James Newkirk is going to repeat this session there.