Golf should be 12 holes.

I'm looking for investors!

This idea will change golf forever. I think I can at least double this industry's revenue with one small inexpensive change.

I want to open a golf course where a round of golf is 12 holes. Don't go, hear me out.

I golf occasionally. I would golf more but it takes too damn long. I don't have 4-5 hours in a day to spend golfing. Not to mention the time spent at the 19th hole.

Inevitably every time I golf I get to about the 14th hole and I spend the rest of the game wishing it was over.

12 holes just makes sense. Here are some reasons why.

  1. You could play 6 holes in the morning before work without having to go to an executive course.
  2. However over lunch you could easily play a 6 hole executive course.
  3. All the courses out there now don't have to change anything but the numbers at each hole. Every 18 hole golf course just has 3 6's.
  4. They can get more people golfing starting 3 at a time like they do on 27 hole courses now.
  5. If a round is just over 2 hours instead of 4. More people can golf in a day.
  6. It will be easier to get a tee off time.
  7. More people would golf because they wouldn't be saying “I wish this was over” on the 14th hole.
  8. More people would golf because it would be less expensive.
  9. Yet the courses would make more due to the increase in volume and staggered tee offs.
  10. For the avid golfer who wants to spend more time on the course. They can still do 18 by golfing 12 and then the  front 6 again.
  11. Some people even say they want to golf two full rounds or 36 holes. No problem, for 36 holes you would get in 3 rounds that day.

Now there are people who don't like change. These people will say golf has always been 18 holes and that it's a tradition. This is not true. Please read the article below. ( I could have just typed this in but it's much more effective this way, don't you think)

OK, so who wants to be in on the ground floor of this.

Maybe you don't want in? But if you have more reasons why golf should be 12 holes please share them with me.