Building Maintainable Applications with Logging and Instrumentation - May 10, 2004 - Toronto - -20

Barry Gervin participated in an MSDN webcast last week talking about logging and instrumentation. Below is a summary of his presentation, and to the right you will find the accompanying slides and materials. You can also view the livemeeting recording here.

In this session we'll cover the world of logging and instrumenting your application. We'll discuss the various .NET framework components as well as higher level services as provided by the Exception Management Application Block, the Enterprise Instrumentation Framework and the Logging BLock. We'll discuss the various issues with persisting information in file logs, the event log, and WMI Performance Counters. We will also compare other alternative technologies such as log4net. We'll also discuss best practices for loging and instrumenting your application and provide some considerations for when and where it makes good sense to instrument your application from experiences in the field.