Setting focus back to the control that caused the PostBack in an ASP.NET Form

SmartNavigation can be set to true on your ASP.NET webform so that when postbacks occur , the page when rendered back to the browser, will navigate back to the control that caused the postback.

But SmartNavigation can be problematic especially when dynamically loading controls onto your webform.

Therefore if you have SmartNavigation turned off = false, below is a piece of code that you can call from your webform  that will add javascript to your page, to automatically navigate back to the control that originally caused the postback.

I tested the code against IE6 and Netscape 7.1.


  /// This method will take passed webPage, and find the control that caused the postback. If it finds
  /// one it will set javascript on the page to set focus to that control

  /// The web page
  public void SetFocusPostBackControl(System.Web.UI.Page webPage)
   string[] ctlPostBack;
   ctlPostBack = webPage.Page.Request.Form.GetValues("__EVENTTARGET");
   if (ctlPostBack != null && ctlPostBack.Length > 0)
    string ctlUniqueId;
    ctlUniqueId = ctlPostBack[0];
    System.Web.UI.Control findControl = webPage.Page.FindControl(ctlUniqueId);
    if ((findControl != null) &&
     (findControl is DropDownList ||
     findControl is TextBox ||
     findControl is RadioButton ||
     findControl is RadioButtonList))
     string ctlClientId;
     ctlClientId = findControl.ClientID;
     string jScript;
     jScript = "<SCRIPT language=\"javascript\"> document.getElementById('" + ctlClientId + "').focus(); document.getElementById('"
     + ctlClientId + "').scrollIntoView(true) </SCRIPT>";;
     webPage.Page.RegisterStartupScript("focus",jScript );