You know you're a geek when...

The other day while sitting on the couch eating some M&M's with my 5yr old daughter she asks me what “MGM” means....and starts to try to pronounce “megum“ - she hasn't quite got the idea of acronyms yet.

I explain how “&” means “And” and it's “M and M's”. Claire comes back at me with “well why didn't they just use plus (+)”. The next 10 minutes are me explaining concatenation to her and how it differs from addition. I'm pretty sure she's going to answer her kindergarten teacher's question of  “What is 4 AND 5” with “45” next week at school....”and that if you really were looking for 9 you should have asked properly 'what is 4 PLUS 5' not AND”. I can hardly wait for parent teacher interviews.

Hmmm, maybe I should teach her what “and” means in terms of boolean logic.