Back in the Saddle

First of all, let me apologize for the relative dearth of post from me over the past couple of months.  My reason/excuse/rationale for my period of absence has to do with the work I have been involved in recent and the source for most of my posts in the first place.

Understand that, for the most part, my inspiration for posting is the particular problem that I'm solving on any given day.  Which means that if I'm not solving a challenging problem, there is little fodder for a post.  Unfortunately (for posting, that is), I have been working as an instructor almost continuously since the end of January.  So the most challenging problem I have been dealing with is getting students to understand the ins and outs of the EnterpriseServices namespace.  Not an easy problem, you understand, but not one that generates post material.

My situation is in the process of changing.  I'm still instructing, but not with the same full time grind as the past two months. So hopefully there will be more frequent posting from me.  In fact, I have been cogitating (in my spare time) on the challenges of designing a service-oriented architecture.  Not the technology behind SOA, but the choices that have to be made by real people trying to implement production applications based on SOA.  Look for some posts along these lines in the next week or so.