Defining the Longhorn Battleground

Along with Sam Gentile and Drew Marsh (and others, I'm sure), I had a chance to read the eWeek opinion piece Can Microsoft's 'Longhorn' Pull it Off?.  Is this article an accurate representation of the facts that surround Longhorn?  Not even close.  Does the article display a lack of understanding by the author of the basic technologies used in Longhorn?  Yes.  But even if you completely eliminate the chaff, there is still an interesting element that can be gleaned from the approach taken by Mr. Gillmor.  What you are seeing is the initial 'shot across the bow' - the angle that Microsoft bashers will take as they attempt to capture mind- and developer-share.

The problem is that, without knowledge that can only be gained by playing with XAML and WinFS or reading articles and documentation on the topic, there is no way for the casual developer to tell the different between eFact and real facts.  I guess that means it's time to fire up the old Remington and produce some content more directed to the general masses.