Killer Tablet PC Application for Software Designers?

For those familiar with my past life, you know that I'm a supporter of model-driven development - as long as it helps me develop faster, and doesn't constrain me....throughout the entire SDLC.

A couple of years ago, I stumbled on to DENIM and was intrigued, but didn't really take it up. I've been thinking about getting a tablet PC but have really been waiting for the killer app. I thought it might have been One Note, but I'm not too sure on that yet. I used One Note through the beta and lost all of my data on one occasion and have been afraid of it ever since. I have a pretty low acceptance factor (LAF) of applications that hide the location of their data. Maybe DENIM is the killer app I'm looking for.

Do yourself a favour and watch the video. DENIM seems complicated enough that my mom won't be able to do anything meaningful with it. But I could easily see myself getting my mother to watch me draw a prototype application without being bored to tears.