PDC in L.A. is smokin'

Yesterday was a long day between 6 hours of flight time, and several other hours of miscellaneous travel between home, airports, terminals, and hotels. The descent into L.A. was interesting. We were warned about the smell of smoke since there some brush fires in our path. We saw a couple of them from the air and I was completely surprised at the amount of smoke obscuring the ground....and then bam - we flew into a huge smoke cloud and the smell of smoke didn't surprise me as much as the light blocking effects. It's wierd when somebody turns off the sun. As we were getting off the plane some pilots from our plane were talking in the ramp....“Holy Crap, that was like flying into a thunderstorm“. Don't they have a pilot's lounge for this kind of thing?

After a fine dinner at Gladstone's in Mailbu with DennisLee , DaveLloyd and about 25 pigeon's that could swallow my youngest daughter whole, we retired back to the hotel to do some pre-Bof collection of content for our Visual Studio.NET Tips and Tricks session. I learned lots of neat tricks from both of them. I also had some good things to share. This was sort of a mini bof between 3 people. I can already see that I'll have to really play the moderator role. Tips were flying back and forth so quick - we also need a scribe tonight.

One of the tips which was more of a PDC tip than anything, is that on of use who will remain nameless - isn't familiar with the fully enriched PDC Calendar - which is only available if you log on . “Log on?” He asked. Yes, you first go to http://mymsevents.com/MyMSEvents/ and then in the toolbar - click Login and use your passport account that you registered with. You see a few new menu items available afterwards like “My Calendar”. Don't even think of using the “Sessions” menu item to browse the list of topics - it's way too pedestrian. The My Calendar is printable. I thought it was also downloadable to PocketPC and Outlook but I can't seem to do that anymore. Anyone else ever see that? Am I missing something? Also check out the “Session Evaluations“  a nice way to do online evals.

I need breakfast...badly.