Getting Started

Since this is the first entry in my first weblog, I feel the need to describe what readers (or potential subscribers) can expect.  First, my background is an interesting combination of technical and marketing.  I have spent most of the last twenty years working in the technology field, covering everything from DOS to UNIX to Windows and now .NET. In my current incarnation, I have been developing both Web and Windows applications using the .NET Framework.  However along with my technical side comes some communication skills.  At least, I like to think they've come along.

I have been writing for technical publications and speaking at anyplace that would have me for most of the last decade.  This experience allowed me to find what I call my 'voice'.  As anyone who has both read and heard me will attest, the two styles are not that different.  In other words, I write like I talk.  And I talk in a stream of consciousness. So be ready for topics that can go all over the map.

Now that the introduction is out of the way, let me describe what the blog will contain.  In the course of my work, I get a chance to work with Web Services in the real world.  While much of the theory and standards are interesting, the sometimes get in the way of actually making Web Services do what we need them to do.  This blog is dedicated to discussing Web Services where the petal meets the metal.  I'll be discussion the quirks of creating Web Services and getting them to interoperate with other non-Microsoft environments.  I'll look at how to go about creating an infrastructure that supports Web Services at the enterprise level.  This includes both security and instrumentation.  I think that this mandate (the one that I'm giving myself, that is) should allow for a wide range of commentary.  And I'll try to keep the posts as regular as my work allows.