Canadian Technology Triangle .Net User's Group: Intro to BizTalk Server - Mar 26, 2003 - Toronto - -5

Today’s business world introduces many challenges for IT departments as they are given the complicated task of integrating many applications that were either purchased from a vendor, built in house or inherited from a company merger. These applications almost invariably run on different platforms and were built with different tool sets. BizTalk Server's main purpose is to integrate these applications (in house or remote). B2B communications can also be achieved with BizTalk Server.

This presentation includes:

  • A discussion of when to use BizTalk Server and when not to use it
  • How BizTalk Server works internally
  • An overview of the graphical tools that BizTalk Server provides.
  • How to submit documents to BizTalk Server
  • Simple examples of documents flowing through BizTalk Server
  • Dehydration and rehydration of schedules in BizTalk Server
  • Com component, .NET Assembly and scripting component usage in BizTalk Server
  • Application integration components
  • Debugging tools in BizTalk Server

Download the slides and demos using the icons on the right.

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