Debating 2.0

The Economist magazine has launched a series of online debates in a style they’ve dubbed “Oxford 2.0″ in which the proposition and opposition are represented by experts, and in between the rounds anyone is allowed to add input, from which the moderator can choose points of merit for consideration in the next round. I was once [...]

Great White North

I’m back in Canada. I’ve gone from 28 degrees and kitesurfing to -2 and this: …Kitesurfing, anyone? In addition to snow, life here already involves code and consulting. So, after being quite involved with the developer community in Ireland, I’m looking forward to attending my first Canadian .NET Usergroup meeting tomorrow night. I’m in the middle [...]

Kiteboarding 101

They say the hard part is controlling the kite. Focus on the kite, they said, and the board will follow. But I have wind experience (windsurfing, sailing), and not board experience (skateboarding, snowboarding), and so for me, the hard part came when I tried to get up on the board in the water. My instructor, Gerardo [...]