TesTrek 2011 in Toronto – Nov. 7th to 10th

Sign up for an Object Sharp workshop on Exploratory Testing at TesTrek 2011 in Toronto, Ontario on November 11th at 1:30pm. Myself and Dave Lloyd will be presenting plus giving you hands on experience doing exploratory testing. See how to overcome the challenges of tracking the steps you took, reporting bugs and retesting exploratory bugs.

Experience and Overcome the Challenges of Exploratory Testing

In 1983, the term Exploratory Testing was introduced. Prior to that, we called it ad-hoc testing. Exploratory testing is said to be a mindset, a way of thinking, freestyle testing that liberates the tester to explore. Testers, through experience, know their applications inside out; they are the users in reality. Freeing testers to explore and use the application has been proven to identify more bugs then traditional scripted testing. However, there are obstacles and challenges related to this freestyle testing. Join this workshop to explore those obstacles hands on and learn how we can overcome them. Explore an application with known bugs and see if you can find them.

  • Experience exploratory testing using the Microsoft Test Manager Tool.
  • Do your own exploratory testing on a Virtual Machine in the cloud.
  • Discover the difficulties of exploratory testing, how to track the steps, report the bug, and perform retesting.
  • Participate in idea generation for overcoming the issues of exploratory testing.

Sign up for the first TesTrek hands-on workshop.

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Microsoft ALM – the next release code named vNext

At TechEd 2011 in Atlanta Microsoft showcased some of the new features coming in the next release code named  vNext. Check it out by clicking the different links below:

VNext –  click the link to the vNext demo.


New Features are:

  • Storyboarding– A plug-in for PowerPoint that connects the creation and review of story boards with the rest of the team.
  • Backlog & Sprint Planning– New web based product backlog, sprint planning and task board.
  • Client Feedback –New tooling support to invite and receive feedback from stakeholders during development.
  • Team Navigator– More time ‘in the zone’, through improved experiences for day-to-day tasks.
  • Continuous Testing – A new unit test runner continuously running unit tests in the background
  • Agile Quality Assurance – Increased code quality with code review support, enhanced unit testing frameworks and new exploratory testing support.
  • Aligning Development with Operations (Intellitrace in Production) – Increased connections and insight between the operations and development teams lowering the time it takes to fix a bug in production.
  • SCOM & TFS Integration – Software Centre Operations Management now integrated with TFS.

Channel 9 - The Future of Microsoft Visual Studio Application Lifecycle Management Cameron Skinner talk at TechEd 2011 

Whitepaper: PDF whitepaper which reinforces the value propositions for what we’re delivering in vNext.