SharePoint 2010 Performance Testing Tips and Tricks

On Wednesday, January 25th I will be doing a session on Performance Testing SharePoint 2010.  This free session is online with a 20 minute presentation and demo and then Q & A starting at 12:25pm. Join us if you are available and can attend. Contact Denise Faustino for information on how to log into the session.

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Microsoft Unlimited Load Testing Announcement

Microsoft announces unlimited Load Testing for Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate with MSDN Subscribers.

Read up about this huge deal and download today the VS2010 Load Test Feature Pack then start your load testing.

If you need help call Object Sharp we can help you with your Load Testing.





Microsoft Test Categories to the rescue

Do you recall the Test List editor (the file in the Test Project .vsmdi) that was constantly causing the team headaches,? In VS2010 Test Categories has come to the rescue. Test Categories allow us to grouping our tests together which then can be run and reported by category.

Test Categories are set up through the Test Viewer in Visual Studio 2010.

1. Open Test View window (Test –> Windows –> Test View)

2. Select a Test and open the test properties (right-click on test and select Properties)

3. Find Test Categories then click the dropdown arrow to the right

4. Test Category window opens where you can:

    • Add new Category
    • See Available Categories
    • Assign Categories


Microsoft recommends using Test Categories instead of the Test List functionality, however if your using the Test Check-in Policy you will still require the test list. You can use both the test list, for your check-in policy and then test categories for all other tasks.

If created a  Build Verification Test list using the Test Editor list no problem, create a Test Category named BVT and instead add this to your Build definition.

Build Definition:

Under the Basic section, in the automated tests section open the Test Assembly then click and select a  Category Filter. The test category filter consists of one or more test category names separated by the logical operators '&', '|', '!', '&!'. For example, TestCategory1&TestCategory2 will run all tests with a test category of TestCategory1 and TestCategory2 . Or you can just select all tests in one category by entering TestCategory3. (The logical operators '&' and '|' cannot be used together to create a test category filter.)

  1. Share your usages of Test Categories by adding comments to this blog, I will publish them.

  2. Test Category for Smoke or Regression tests, a portion of an application …


Test Manager & VS2010 automation playback in FireFox

Microsoft has released a plug-in for Mozilla FireFox that allows you to record a action recording, a coded UI or web test in Internet Explorer 7 or 8 and play the same test back against FireFox. The current plug-in supports FireFox 3.5 and 3.6. The plug-in can be downloaded and installed on top of an existing 2010 install.

Download here: Test Package for Mozilla FireFox Power Tool

Note: after you download read the ReadMe file there is some configuration setup required before you can use this tool.



Visual Studio 2010 – Web Performance Tests

Learn about Web Performance Tests authoring & debugging with Visual Studio 2010. Ed Glas is the Load Test product team manger at Microsoft and has posted some very good reading material on the subject of web tests.

Web Test Authoring and Debugging Techniques for Visual Studio 2010

Great reading Ed … Testa