I maded you a FractLOL…

… and then I Silverlit it! Is alternately a LOLQuilt, a ROFLMosaic, or a Deep LOL! Here is the full screen version. You can click ur mouse to zoom in, shift-click to zoom out, or just use the mouse wheel to see that the image is made of thousands of LOLCats. How this came to be? The kittehs [...]

WPF for Developers and Lead Designers Course Launch

I’m excited to be launching a WPF training course through Toronto-based consultancy ObjectSharp. The course is called “Windows Presentation Foundation for Developers and Lead Designers,” and, as the title suggests, it offers a hands-on experience designed to give developers and lead designers the knowledge, background, tips and references they’ll need to build smart client [...]

Minority Report or Iron Man

This Channel 9 Video is so impressive, I couldn’t help but think that this is the closest we’ve come to allowing any creative team to invent and then build an interface like the futuristic ones imagined for movies like Minority Report or Iron Man.* * minus the holography bits. although maybe some awesome researcher could come [...]

“Mate, this is the Future”

I’m currently consulting independently for a team of developers and designers.  The process has been a joy, both for me and for my clients. In part, it has shown me that Blend (2.5) has matured to the point where it delivers on the promise of dramatically improving the developer-designer workflow. I had the good fortune [...]

NLarge v1.1.2 (once more, with feeling, multimon and text annotation support)

Barry’s teaching a course this week and noticed that NLarge didn’t support multimon - or rather, it always zoomed in on the primary monitor. So NLarge got another update.  Good thing I don’t sleep! Changelist: Added Multimonitor support - zooms in on the monitor currently containing the mouse pointer. Added Text support - annotate zoomed-in images with [...]

NLarge v1.1.1 (once more, with feeling)

I immediately wanted to update NLarge again because its new default hotkeys (Ctrl-1 for Zoom, Ctrl-2 to Draw, Ctrl-3 for Break Timer) conflict with Outlook 2007’s hotkeys for Inbox, Calendar, and Contacts. So NLarge v1.1.1 is out. Changelist: Added ability to select your own hotkeys for zoom, draw and countdown timer. Added ability to Alt-Tab away from break timer, [...]

.NET Visualized: Treemap and Dependency Matrix

In case you haven’t seen this, check out MVP Patrick Smacchia’s visualizations of the .NET Framework, including an NDepend analysis of the number of Types, a Treemap view, and a dependency matrix for the entire framework. The dependency matrix is, IMO, impressively sparse. Also interesting but perhaps not surprising is that PresentationFramework represents the largest [...]