TechEd (Day -1): Pieces of ADO.NET 2.0 not going to make Whidbey

Highlights in this exchange of newsgroup posts...

  • Paging is cut
  • Server cursors cut (SqlResultSet class)
  • Async Open is cut, but not excute
  • SqlDataTable class cut (Good - that was a bad design pattern to propogate)
  • Command sets are cut, but you can still do batch DataAdapter updates,

More to come, stay tuned.

Arrived in San Diego @ TechEd

One Uneventful pair of connecting flights, a car rental pickup and a check in at the hotel. It's the calm before the know, the calm associated with hotel internet access actually working. You know it's a computer conference when you can see 5 wireless access points from various people's hotel rooms, and I'm on the corner of the hotel!

I kind of drove in the back way and haven't been near the convention centre yet to check out the buzz, but I will tomorrow. The MCT day starts at 7:30am at the Marriott next door. I better get to bed.

There is a bit of a buzz on email right now - stuff I'm not allowed to talk about until Monday - but it's one of my speculations. More about that on Monday. There will be a lot of announcements on Monday. Stay tuned.

TechEd BOF Session on Integrating Unit Testing Tools and Practices into the Software Development Life Cycle.

This session which was originally scheduled for Tuesday night is now moved to Sunday night at 8pm. This should allow people who were interested in the Peter Provost's hosted Continous Integration Testing BOF to attend both of these sessions.
BOF36  Integrating Unit Testing Tools and Practices Into the Software Development LifeCycle
Sunday , May 23 8:00 PM- 9:00 PM, Location TBA
Speaker(s): Barry Gervin
Automated Unit Testing tools and practices are finding their way into the dev life cycle of more and more IT shops each day. Some people simply use NUnit to demonstrate a bug and prove that's fixed. Others use NUnit to demonstrate a % goal for code coverage. Others go as far as to use Test Driven Development to drive the design of their applications. People are using Unit testing harnesses for Design, Functional Testing, Performance and Security Testing. In this discussion we will raise awareness of the current tools and practices that people are using today and how best to address the more holistic needs with future tools and practices.
And if you happen to be going to TechEd Amsterdam, James Newkirk is going to repeat this session there.

MCT Day at TechEd

TechEd is coming up. Scary thing is my schedule is about 75% booked - and not with actual sessions. I'll talk more about the stuff I'm involved with over the coming weeks and during TechEd.

The interesting thing I got today was the Agenda for “MCT Day” - which is the Saturday before the conference for MS Certified Trainers. There are lots of interesting things on the agenda, but the person I'm most looking forward to speaking is Richard Klees.

Richard does the training for a lot of MS presenters and is very well recognized as the speaker of speakers, the trainer of trainers.. He's doing some time with each TechEd speaker again this year. Just hearing him talk for an hour is going to be a lot of fun.