End-to-End Custom WPF Shader Example

Greg is in the middle of writing a great explanation of how to build custom WPF 3.5 SP1 pixel shader effects on his blog. He helped me re-create his sample ColorComplementEffect, so I thought I’d offer a sample solution containing an end-to-end custom WPF Pixel Shader Effect using the .NET 3.5 SP1 Beta bits. Download [...]

Bring on the 3rd major release of WPF (3.5 SP1 Beta is ready!)

A “Week of WPF” begins on Channel 9 with the announcement that the third major release of WPF (3.5 SP1) has gone beta! Tim Sneath’s blog entry has fantastic detail about what’s coming in this release and all the download/update details (Silverlighters: see caveat below). Folks attending my “WPF for Line Of Business apps” presentation on Thursday [...]

WPF Commanding - When do Commands re-evaluate their CanExecute method?

I had been merrily using WPF’s built-in support for the Command Pattern for ages (see Commanding Overview, MSDN Docs, and article on implementing the command pattern in WPF, Jeff Druyt)… when suddenly it occured to me that I had no idea what triggered WPF to determine whether or not a command can be executed. Let me [...]

Tip: Don’t forget the WPF Performance Suite

The WPF Performance Suite includes the following tools for profiling WPF applications at runtime: Perforator: for analyzing rendering behavior. Visual Profiler: for profiling the use of WPF services, such as layout and event handling, by elements in the visual tree. Working Set Analyzer: for analyzing the working set characteristics of your application. Event Trace: for analyzing events and generating [...]

Mike Holmes Makes it Right

I’ve pretty much decided that Mike Holmes is my new idol. If you’re reading this from Canada, you know who Mike is: the contractor who arrives at botched renovation jobs and works his magic. So why is this guy my new idol? 1. He knows everything there is to know about construction. He seems to have deep [...]

Make your own WPF Custom BitmapEffects

Custom WPF Bitmap Effects, authored in a Managed C++ assembly, complete with sample project to help you roll your own. It works, complete with live preview, in Expression Blend. Done by a guy called Rob who has a blog called Run To The Hills. ‘Nuff said. Check it out! p.s. My suggestion to Rob: [...]

“Mate, this is the Future”

I’m currently consulting independently for a team of developers and designers.  The process has been a joy, both for me and for my clients. In part, it has shown me that Blend (2.5) has matured to the point where it delivers on the promise of dramatically improving the developer-designer workflow. I had the good fortune [...]

Toronto DevTeach on WPF - what would be useful for you?

I’m in the lineup to speak at the DevTeach conference, which is taking place in Toronto from May 12-15. My presentation is going to be WPF-centric, but I have deliberately left the abstract flexible. What would you like to hear about WPF at DevTeach from someone who’s been consulting in WPF and Silverlight? Building a WPF [...]

NLarge v1.1.2 (once more, with feeling, multimon and text annotation support)

Barry’s teaching a course this week and noticed that NLarge didn’t support multimon - or rather, it always zoomed in on the primary monitor. So NLarge got another update.  Good thing I don’t sleep! Changelist: Added Multimonitor support - zooms in on the monitor currently containing the mouse pointer. Added Text support - annotate zoomed-in images with [...]

NLarge v1.1.1 (once more, with feeling)

I immediately wanted to update NLarge again because its new default hotkeys (Ctrl-1 for Zoom, Ctrl-2 to Draw, Ctrl-3 for Break Timer) conflict with Outlook 2007’s hotkeys for Inbox, Calendar, and Contacts. So NLarge v1.1.1 is out. Changelist: Added ability to select your own hotkeys for zoom, draw and countdown timer. Added ability to Alt-Tab away from break timer, [...]