I maded you a FractLOL…

… and then I Silverlit it! Is alternately a LOLQuilt, a ROFLMosaic, or a Deep LOL! Here is the full screen version. You can click ur mouse to zoom in, shift-click to zoom out, or just use the mouse wheel to see that the image is made of thousands of LOLCats. How this came to be? The kittehs [...]

More of Silverlight sound implementation for multimedia app

Roger from SilverlightAddict.com asked me for more information about how I manage the sound effects in the Silverlight version of Legend of the Greasepole. I have a Canvas element in my scene called MusicCanvasRoot.  It contains a number of MediaElement children equal to the maximum number of simultaneous sounds that the game will play. This helper [...]

Intellisense in Expression Blend!

Invisible Add-In Support in Blend June Preview + Robby’s Intellisense code from KAXAML + Stefan’s great work = Awesome. +1 to excitement about add-in support in Blend +1 to observations that the WPF designer in VS2008 is way too slow +1 to also wanting C# Intellisense in Blend, to reduce VS2008/Blend context switching (And no I don’t care that I’m not supposed [...]

Pasting code into WordPress easily?

I would be very grateful for any advice on how to paste code from Visual Studio into a WordPress post.  I have never found a plug-in or cut-and-paste pipeline that worked well for me.

Back in Action

I’m back in Toronto after a much appreciated break in Italy and Greece. Before I left, I had the chance to work on a very interesting Silverlight and Windows Live project, and this week I am planning for the rest of the calendar year and eagerly anticipating the release of .NET 3.5 SP1! Silverlight Streaming was updated [...]

Whither AI?

I was asked a few weeks ago why Artificial Intelligence over the past few decades has been such a “failure”, meaning mostly that it isn’t seen to be living up to its great cognitive expectations. James Gaskin at NetworkWorld gives a well-referenced response very similar to the one I gave then, which went like: Essentially, whenever some [...]

XAML and Obfuscation

I normally don’t cross-link WPF articles unless sooper-excited because I figure all of us in the WPF-o-sphere are reading each other’s blogs.  But I was particularly interested on Rudi Grobler’s recent look into XAML obfuscation because I’ve encountered obfuscation issues from a couple of sides in a recent project. To sum up, XAML obfuscation is a [...]

WPF for Developers and Lead Designers Course Launch

I’m excited to be launching a WPF training course through Toronto-based consultancy ObjectSharp. The course is called “Windows Presentation Foundation for Developers and Lead Designers,” and, as the title suggests, it offers a hands-on experience designed to give developers and lead designers the knowledge, background, tips and references they’ll need to build smart client [...]

WPF Line-Of-Business App Links

Some WPF Line-of-Business App follow-up after my presentation at DevTeach today: Great Snippets: Great code snippets I have installed into my Visual Studio for WPF development are the Dr Wpf and Nerd+Art snippet packs. WPF Coding Conventions: The coding guidelines I use for WPF are a riff on Paul Stovell’s XAML and WPF Coding Guidelines. Application Quality Guide: [...]

Minority Report or Iron Man

This Channel 9 Video is so impressive, I couldn’t help but think that this is the closest we’ve come to allowing any creative team to invent and then build an interface like the futuristic ones imagined for movies like Minority Report or Iron Man.* * minus the holography bits. although maybe some awesome researcher could come [...]