MTM Test Case iteration identifier –reduce waste

MTM needs a feature that allows testers to describe what an individual test case iteration is testing.

Right now I add a parameter to the last steps expected results "@Notes" and for each iteration of a test case I add to the Notes what I am testing in each iteration. Example would be testing a address site. My test case will go through all the address fields so any testing I would need can be done with parameters and iterations even boundary. But I need a easy way to identify what is being tested by an iteration.

Vote for this feature “Identifier that describes what each test case iteration is testing

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Microsoft Test Manager – hot fix available

On Oct. 12th Microsoft has published a hot fix for issues that were causing Test Manager to crash and memory leaks that caused data and productivity loss. After downloading the hot fix I noticed that in the Test Case iterations section that are new buttons and bugs fixed. See what I’ve found so far below:

1. You can now delete test case iterations without crashing MTM. And working with data in the iterations seems smoother.

2. You will now have a “Remove parameter” button which allows you to remove a parameter from you iterations and/or test steps.


3. You will also have a “Rename parameter” button which allows you to rename a parameter in your test case iterations and/or shared steps.


4. Last you will have a “Delete parameter” button which allows you to delete a parameter in your test case iterations and/or shared steps. Deletions with this button only removes the @ sign from the parameter in the steps. You can still highlight the parameter in the step and click the delete button on your keyboard, this removes all instances of the parameter in your test case.

Note: shared step parameters display in associated test cases however, you can only Rename, Remove or Delete parameters from within the shared step itself. At the moment you are able to select the shared step parameter and proceed with selecting the test case remove, delete or rename button and proceed again as if executing the button feature right to the end. The action does not actually work!

Note: the issue with deleting a parameter in a shared step and the associated test cases not being updated still exists. This hot fix does not include a fix for this.

Click this link: hot fix KB2387011  to download.

Microsoft Test Manager – bugs being fixed in future update

When attempting to paste (using Ctrl-V) data from the clipboard into a parameter within an Iteration you must use the spacebar or manually click into the field that you are populating. If you don't have a cursor blinking even thought the box is highlighted (has focus) using Ctrl-V creates another Iteration instead of pasting the copy data.

This bug has been report to Microsoft and should be address in a future update.


Created a Shared Step that has 37 parameters. We added the Shared Step to a Test Case and loaded  the data for one iteration. We then decided to remove two parameters. In the Shared Steps we deleted the two parameters and removed the steps. Saved and Closed. We then opened the Test Case expected the two parameters to be gone, they are not.

We have also had issues with changing the data in the parameters (Test Case)

1 remove the data then click the enter key

2. add the new data then tab out

3. save.

Work a Round's:

1. Deletion of parameter in shared step does not delete parameters in the test case.

There is definitely a bug with refresh here. I will file this issue. To workaround this, insert a dummy step and delete it. You will see that parameters go away. Let me know if this works for you.

2. Deletion of data

I agree, we do not have a good experience of editing data. You will have to hit the enter key to take the test case to dirty state. Only after that the data gets saved.