Channel 5.5: Your Host, Rob WIndsor

After the Toronto Code Camp event on Saturday, the gang went out for a drink at the Spotted Dick. Your host, Rob Windsor was interviewing each of us. There're lots of weird things going on, especially badgers running around. :) Here it is. It's hilarious. Enjoy.

Video: Toronto Code Camp 2008: Interviews at the Pub

Hello ObjectSharp world!

I'm keeping a blog these days at that has lots of .NET developer content, and I'm trying to syndicate the techie bits of that blog here.  Easier said, right?  Has anyone out there managed to get a Wordpress blog to cross-post to Community Server?

I recently posted some follow-up to ObjectSharp's VS2008 At the Movies event on that blog, so please head over there for more about what's new in WPF 3.5 and Visual Studio 2008.

[Update 13 Feb: I haven't managed to find any way to get the cross-posting working. Pint(s) of Guinness promised for anyone who can help me with this...]

WPF at the Movies: Follow-Up Links

It was great to be part of ObjectSharp’s VS2008 at the Movies event this morning. Thanks to all of you who braved a quintessentially Canadian snowstorm to be there! My favourite part of the WPF/Silverlight presentation was being able to show some of the work ObjectSharp has been doing with WPF and .NET 3.5 at Thermo [...]

Learn WPF by example (a recipe)

Ever wonder how the experts build clever things into their WPF applications? Here’s one way to find out which uses a few of my favourite tools for building WPF and Silverlight apps. Required Ingredients: 1. Snoop, an excellent utility that lets you visualize and probe a running WPF application. 2. Lutz’s tried and true Reflector utility, which [...]

O# at the Movies

  I’ve been knee-deep in code for the past month, and in the process I’ve refined my proverbial code pipeline and learned heaps about what it’s really like to build line-of-business WPF applications with Visual Studio 2008. So I’m excited to have the chance to talk WPF and Silverlight at ObjectSharp’s “VS2008 at the Movies” event on [...]

Agenda Posted for the Toronto Code Camp

Toronto Code CampThe agenda has been posted for the 2008 version of the Toronto Code Camp and it looks to be another awesome event. Twenty-five sessions from twenty-three speakers (six of which are my ObjectSharp homies) from all across the country (and New York). Check it out.