MSDN:Microsoft .NET™ Architecture Forum Series - Jun 3, 2003 - Toronto - -6

In the June session, Barry Gervin discussed the deployment of an architectural vision through the use of Enterprise Templates in Visual Studio .NET. The prescriptive guidance you provide your developers through an Enterprise Template not only increases the chances of them implementing your vision accurately but also improves their productivity. The second presentation covers issues and strategies for migration of a classic ASP/COM application to ASP.NET. The final presentation covered techniques for migrating PowerBuilder Applications to .NET.

Slides and sample code are now available. Please click the links on the right to view the presentation, whitepaper and download the sample code.

Canadian Technology Triangle .Net User's Group: Intro to BizTalk Server - Mar 26, 2003 - Toronto - -5

Today’s business world introduces many challenges for IT departments as they are given the complicated task of integrating many applications that were either purchased from a vendor, built in house or inherited from a company merger. These applications almost invariably run on different platforms and were built with different tool sets. BizTalk Server's main purpose is to integrate these applications (in house or remote). B2B communications can also be achieved with BizTalk Server.

This presentation includes:

  • A discussion of when to use BizTalk Server and when not to use it
  • How BizTalk Server works internally
  • An overview of the graphical tools that BizTalk Server provides.
  • How to submit documents to BizTalk Server
  • Simple examples of documents flowing through BizTalk Server
  • Dehydration and rehydration of schedules in BizTalk Server
  • Com component, .NET Assembly and scripting component usage in BizTalk Server
  • Application integration components
  • Debugging tools in BizTalk Server

Download the slides and demos using the icons on the right.

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Toronto Visual Basic Users Group (TVBUG): ADO.NET - Nov 12, 2002 - Toronto - -4

The ADO.NET class libraries provide managed data access to relational databases within .NET.

Barry gave an in depth presentation on ADO.NET covering topics such as:

  • Working with related master/detail tables
  • Connection Pools
  • Transaction handling
  • Multi-User Concurrency
  • Error handling

Please click the links on the right to view the presentation and download the sample code.

Please also see the notes inside the PPT Slide deck for further details, and references to the sample code.

Canadian Technology Triangle .NET User Group: Visual Studio.NET - Nov 8, 2002 - Toronto - -3

Dave Lloyd provided an in depth tour of the Visual Studio .NET IDE at the Canadian Technology Triangle User group on October 30th. Dave divided up the IDE into its components and discussed each one in a demo format.

The slides & demo code are now available by clicking on the links to the right.

DataSet Debugger 1.0 now available - Oct 29, 2002 - Toronto - -2

The DataSet Debugger will let you easily peer into a dataset viewing (and even editing) the schema and data of each DataTable within. The Debugger breaks out the modifications to data, showing the changed, inserted, and deleted rows. When looking at the changed rows, modified values are highlighted and you can view the original and proposed values. Finally, you can quickly see the data in XML format as well as the schema in XSD format. C# source code is included.

Download from

The Common Type System (CTS): Applying OO Techniques in .Net - Jun 20, 2002 - Vancouver - -1

Please click the link on the right to view the presentation.

New to object orientation? Need a review? Want to see how OO is implemented by the Common Type System? Get all the answers in this session. .Net and all of it's languages take full advantage of the OO paradigm. This session introduces the CTS and shows how it supports OO within your applications.


  • Intro to the CTS
    • value types vs. reference types
  • Object Orientation in C# and VB.Net
    • inheritance
    • encapsulation
    • polymorphism
  • Hiding
  • Overloading
  • Modifiers
    • abstract
    • new
    • virtual
    • override
  • Interfaces

Dennis Lee is a consultant and instructor with ObjectSharp Consulting. He has worked extensively as a trainer and developer in a variety of technologies including PowerBuilder, Java and now .Net. Dennis has tried to ignore Microsoft development technologies for most of his career but could not resist the temptation of .Net.

Toronto .NET Users Group: ADO.NET - May 2, 2002 - Toronto - 0

If you’ve read the books about ADO.NET or read the plethora of tips & techniques on the web, you might think that ADO.NET is a lot of coding. At a recent Toronto.NET User's Group Meeting, Barry & Dave reviewed ADO.NET from the ground up, showing how simple and relatively code-free reading & writing to a database can be with .NET both in Windows and Web Forms.

Please click the links on the right to view the presentation and download the sample code.

Please read the readme.txt file in the sample zip file.

Please also see the notes inside the PPT Slide deck for further details, and references to the sample code.