VS Live Orlando: Building Operations Friendly ASP.NET Applications - Sep 14, 2004 - Orlando - -24

Barry Gervin will be speaking in Orlando at the upcoming VS Live Conference from September 11th-15th. Barry will be telling developers everything that Operations staff want Developers to know about how they should build applications that make them good data center citizens.

Topics discussed will include Deployment & Update management, Monitoring, Logging and Intstrumentation and other general health check issues that make it easier for those applications to be hosted in an operations center.

Building Mobile Applications - Sep 8, 2004 - Toronto - -28

This presentation will focus on building Mobile applications using the .NET Compact Framework and SQL CE. It will demonstrate and review source code of a pre-built application. The session will explore:


Using P/Invoke and why it is so important in the .NET Compact Framework
Developing “Sometime Offline” Applications in the .NET Compact Framework
Creating a Self-Updating .NET Compact Framework Application.
Using Inheritance to create a Stream Interface Driver
Consuming Asynchronous Web Services calls
Best Practices for using SQL CE

Attendees will also be given a link where they can download the application and its source code at the session.

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Test Driven Development Seminar - Jul 22, 2004 - Toronto - -26

One of the most accepted methods for creating quality software, whether in large or small scale development environments is known as test-driven development (TDD). In this seminar, part of our newly introduced Architect's Breakfast series, we take a look at the mechanics of performing TDD as well as the implications of adding it to a corporate development environment.

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BizTalk 2004 at Metro Toronto User Group - Jun 16, 2004 - Toronto - -18

On June 16, Matt will be speaking at the Metro Toronto User Group meeting on BizTalk 2004. An abstract of the presentation can be found below. For details on the time and location of the meeting or to register to attend, click here.

AbstractIn today's business environment, it is increasingly important to createbusiness processes that combine separate and diverse applications into acoherent whole. BizTalk Server 2004 enables you to connect diverseapplications, and then use a graphical user interface to create and modifybusiness processes that use services from those applications.

Released in March of 2004, BizTalk Server 2004 expands and improves onthe BizTalk 2000 and BizTalk 2002 Platforms. Some of the improvementsof BizTalk 2004 include:a) Built around the Microsoft .NET Framework.b) Development environment encapsulated into Visual Studio .NET 2003.c) BizTalk Projects compiled into .NET Assemblies.d) Business Rule Composer.e) Single Sign-On capability.f) many many more.

Demos and discussions will include:a) An overview of the new BizTalk 2004 development environment.b) How BizTalk fits in with SOA (Service Oriented Architecture).c) Using BizTalk Server to coordinate a Batch Job.d) Using BizTalk Server to consume a Web Service and to expose itself as aWeb Service.e) Calling business rules created in the Business Rule Composer from anOrchestration.

Marcie Robillard Speaks to Toronto .Net User Community - Jun 15, 2004 - Toronto - -25

ObjectSharp’s very own Marcie Robillard, the DataGrid Girl, will be speaking tonight at Durham College to the Toronto .NET User Community. Marcie will be talking extensively about DataGrids and Gridviews.

The lecture begins tonight commencing with refreshments at 6:00pm. It will be held in Lecture Hall UA1350 located on 2000 Simcoe Street N. More information about the event can be found here: http://gtaeast.torontoug.net/536.aspx.

Test Driven Development on .NET Rocks Radio - Jun 10, 2004 - Toronto - -23

Barry Gervin from ObjectSharp will be joining fellow Regional Director John Alexander from Kansas City on the .NET Rocks Internet Radio program on June 10th at 10:00pm EST.

John and Barry will be discussing the concepts of unit testing and best practices while highlighting some of the tools available right now to assist you in writing code that is better, stronger, faster.

To listen to the live recording: http://www.franklins.net/fnetdotnetrocks/dotnetrocks.aspx?showid=68

ObjectSharp Helps Send Kids to Camp. - Jun 03, 2004 - Toronto - -21

Dear ObjectSharp,

Many thanks for your support of our recent golf tournament on May 15th, 2004.

Looks like we've raised close to $3,000 for the Wenonah Foundation (helping to support families in need with camp fees), which is terrific.

Good turn-out...about 55 or so played in the tournament proper and others were there for dinner.

One of our nurses at Camp won the ObjectSharp Closest to the Pin, Keg gift Certificates. She's delighted (and will be eating at the Keg for several months!).

See you soon...thanks again,

Jeff Bradshaw

Senior Director - Wenonah Camps Group www.campwenonah.com

Smart Client Application Design and Deployment - Jun 02, 2004 - Toronto - -22

Are you interested in building applications with amazing UI that are still easy to develop? Do you need your application to securely access data? Do you like the ease of Web-based development, but still want the power of Windows programming?

Attend this MSDN Deep Dive where we will go deep on Smart Client Application Design and Deployment

In this half day session, you will learn:

  • Best Practices for Designing and Building Smart Client Applications
  • The Ins and Outs of Secure Data Access
  • Developing Secure Smart Client Applications
  • Deploying and Maintaining Smart Client Applications

MSDN DevChat - ASP.NET Whidbey - May 11, 2004 - Toronto - -19

On May 14th at 1:00 pm EDT, Dave Lloyd, one of our senior consultants is giving a webcast on the upcoming version of ASP.NET, codenamed Whidbey. To get more information or to register for the webcast, click here

Building Maintainable Applications with Logging and Instrumentation - May 10, 2004 - Toronto - -20

Barry Gervin participated in an MSDN webcast last week talking about logging and instrumentation. Below is a summary of his presentation, and to the right you will find the accompanying slides and materials. You can also view the livemeeting recording here.

In this session we'll cover the world of logging and instrumenting your application. We'll discuss the various .NET framework components as well as higher level services as provided by the Exception Management Application Block, the Enterprise Instrumentation Framework and the Logging BLock. We'll discuss the various issues with persisting information in file logs, the event log, and WMI Performance Counters. We will also compare other alternative technologies such as log4net. We'll also discuss best practices for loging and instrumenting your application and provide some considerations for when and where it makes good sense to instrument your application from experiences in the field.