Agile, Manage & Test–Stickyminds launches TechWell for the test community.

Sticky has launched a new site called TechWell for the Agile, Manage and Test communities. You can interact with others through blogs, forums and groups. Access videos, podcasts, articles, and more all pertaining to testing.

With todays changes in the Software Industry happening quickly testers are facing challenges in the skills they need. The future is Agile with a Scrum methodology and framework. Testers need to be ready and it is going to  happen quickly, in fact it has started already.

I recommend checking out TechWell and getting the scoop from your peers in the community. Click on TechWell to check out.


Basics of Securing Applications – Steve Syfuhs talks about security

Objectsharp’s Steve Syfuhs the Canadian Developer Security MVP is being interviewed by Jonathan Rozenblit a Microsoft evangelist on the basics of securing applications.

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Part 1: Development Security Basics (This Post)

Part 2: Vulnerability Deep Dive (Coming Thursday, June 2, 2011)

Part 3: Secure Design and Analysis in Visual Studio 2010 (Coming Thursday, June 9, 2011)

Part 4: Architectural Considerations for Developing Secure Applications (Coming Thursday, June 16, 2011)

Part 5: Incident Response Management with Team Foundation Server (Coming Thursday, June 23, 2011)



Microsoft Test Manager– What is my test state at the Test Plan level?

Check out the Visual Studio Team Test blog on using Excel reports with MTM to identify test state at a test plan level. This is a step by step on how to create the report in excel using information on your test state from Test Manager.


The Testing Planet–all about testing

The Software Testing Club puts out a magazine call “The Testing Planet”. It is a must to read you can either buy a subscription to the magazine or download the PDF version for free. The magazine is created by “testers” with articles about testing by testers. The new issue just came out – check it out.

You can follow the club on Linked IN, Facebook and Twitter.

Enjoy … Testa


Test Manager, The Story of a

I am a member of the The Software Testing Club which is a global and professional community of software testers. The community shares information through online question and answer sessions and access to test related bloggers, updates on testing events worldwide, The Testing Planet online articles, and much more. If you  are not a member I highly suggest you join. Follow the link above.

A member of the club, Rob Lambert wrote a story “The Story of a Test Manager” that I spent an hour while drinking my morning coffee reading. The story is fictional however, I bet you can relate to the main points through your own experiences as a software tester. As I read the story I wanted to tell the characters about TFS2010 but then I want to tell everyone even my hair dresser. My dogs love hearing the words TFS they think it’s a cookie!  Microsoft TFS nerd and proud of it.

Thanks to Rob Lambert for a great story.



Why Software Fails - your not using TFS2010 & Test Manager?

A colleague emailed asking if anyone had seen this article. It was written in 2005 and is very enlightening to read even today. I thought I’d post it for people to read. Click here Why Software Fails

As outlined in the article here are the most common factors:

  • Unrealistic or unarticulated project goals

  • Inaccurate estimates of needed resources

  • Badly defined system requirements

  • Poor reporting of the project's status

  • Unmanaged risks

  • Poor communication among customers, developers, and users

  • Use of immature technology

  • Inability to handle the project's complexity

  • Sloppy development practices

  • Poor project management

  • Stakeholder politics

  • Commercial pressures

Has this changed, in my opinion not enough yet. As a strong advocate of Agile and a user of Microsoft TFS2010 and Test Manger - the communications is available we just need to get better at it and share the responsibilities as a team.

Testa Smile

Visual Studio 2010 – Web Performance Tests

Learn about Web Performance Tests authoring & debugging with Visual Studio 2010. Ed Glas is the Load Test product team manger at Microsoft and has posted some very good reading material on the subject of web tests.

Web Test Authoring and Debugging Techniques for Visual Studio 2010

Great reading Ed … Testa