I maded you a FractLOL…

… and then I Silverlit it! Is alternately a LOLQuilt, a ROFLMosaic, or a Deep LOL! Here is the full screen version. You can click ur mouse to zoom in, shift-click to zoom out, or just use the mouse wheel to see that the image is made of thousands of LOLCats. How this came to be? The kittehs [...]

End-to-End Custom WPF Shader Example

Greg is in the middle of writing a great explanation of how to build custom WPF 3.5 SP1 pixel shader effects on his blog. He helped me re-create his sample ColorComplementEffect, so I thought I’d offer a sample solution containing an end-to-end custom WPF Pixel Shader Effect using the .NET 3.5 SP1 Beta bits. Download [...]