Intellisense in Expression Blend!

Invisible Add-In Support in Blend June Preview + Robby’s Intellisense code from KAXAML + Stefan’s great work = Awesome. +1 to excitement about add-in support in Blend +1 to observations that the WPF designer in VS2008 is way too slow +1 to also wanting C# Intellisense in Blend, to reduce VS2008/Blend context switching (And no I don’t care that I’m not supposed [...]

Make your own WPF Custom BitmapEffects

Custom WPF Bitmap Effects, authored in a Managed C++ assembly, complete with sample project to help you roll your own. It works, complete with live preview, in Expression Blend. Done by a guy called Rob who has a blog called Run To The Hills. ‘Nuff said. Check it out! p.s. My suggestion to Rob: [...]

“Mate, this is the Future”

I’m currently consulting independently for a team of developers and designers.  The process has been a joy, both for me and for my clients. In part, it has shown me that Blend (2.5) has matured to the point where it delivers on the promise of dramatically improving the developer-designer workflow. I had the good fortune [...]