More Online Training: Java to .NET Migration

This link will get you 15 hours of free migration training online.

Topics include:

  • how to map common J2SE and J2EE functionality to the equivalent .NET Framework functionality
  • how to migrate J2SE and J2EE services to the .NET Framework
  • deploying .NET applications
  • automated migration techniques
  • migrating JDK 1.4 applications and code

SQL Server 2005 "Yukon" Virtual "Hands On" Online Labs

SQL Server 2005 “Yukon” is in beta, but if you'd rather not go through the hassle of installing it (and trying to uninstall it) you can experience it through the magic of online virtual labs.

Not only is it a hosted environment, but guided hands on labs are provided for the following topics:

  • SQL Server 2005 Integration Services
  • SQL Server 2005 Introduction to SQL Server Management Studio
  • SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services
  • SQL Server 2005 Server Management Objects
  • SQL Server 2005 SQL CLR Integration
  • SQL Server 2005 SQL Query Tuning
  • SQL Server 2005 SQL Server and ADO.NET 
  • SQL Server 2005 T-SQL Enhancements
  • SQL Server 2005 Web Services
  • SQL Server 2005 XML Capabilites
  • Geek Breakfast, Vancouver, March 30

    I'll be hosting an Architect's Breakfast on Wednesday March 30th in Vancouver. We've been doing these in Toronto and Kitchener over the past 6 months or so and I really like the format. We break the mold of sitting in rows facing a presenter and gather around these new fangled ball shaped tables, facing our peers, sharing experiences and thoughts for the future. As a backdrop to this, yes some powerpoints, but much less of a marketing blast of blue backgrounds and product demo's. Topic? Enterprise Integration Patterns. Click here for more details and registration links.

    VSTS Architect's Boot Camp Next Week (Mar 29/31) in Ottawa & Vancouver

    Next week I'm travelling to Ottawa (Tuesday) and then Vancouver (Thursday) to do some boot camp training on Visual Studio Team System. This 1 day hands on, gives folks a chance to play with the new modelling and testing features. I'll also be demoing the project management, process guidance, and integrated source control management features. If you are interested, there are still seats left. Click here for details and here for registration.

    New Course! Architecting Applications with Visual Studio Team System (Bootcamp)

    On March 17th in Toronto, I'll be teaching our first delivery of this new course. It's a one day hands on, instructor led - whirlwind bootcamp style course that gives you a lap around Visual Studio Team System - specifically with a Solution Architect's perspective. We touch a little bit on the project management stuff, testing and some of the developer tools, but primarily we'll spend more than half the day on modeling as we walk through the Whitehorse designers.

    Now how can we teach a course on a product that's not even in beta you ask? Very carefully. A lot of people are evaluating if and how they'll use VSTS in their shops once it is released so by popular demand we're offering this course a little earlier than we would normally. This course probably needs to be 3 days to properly focus on best practices and true “architecture” but for the purposes of evaluating this technology and letting people make their own minds, we are focusing primarily on the tools provided. With that in mind, this abbreviated 1 day course is being delivered in 6 cities across Canada: Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Vancouver, Calgary and Quebec City. There is also a promotional price of $299 CAD. For more details, full schedule and registration, visit 



    DevTeach June 18-22, Montreal and a $50.00 Rebate Code!

    DevTeach is a really nice conference. I went to it for the first time last year and it's a very intimate and interactive conference. While smaller than your TechEd's and PDC's, it manages to attract a very good set of speakers....Kevin McNeish, Brian Noyes, Julia Lerman, Don Kiely, Patrick Hynds, Carl Franklins, Mario Cardinal, Ted Neward, Nick Landry, Etienne Tremblay, Sam Gentile, Jim Duffy, Guy Barrette, Eric Cote, Markus Egger, Kate Gregory and me too. I'll be doing a DataSet tips and tricks talk - but mostly just so I can get a free pass to go and see all the other great talks. This year it is being held once again in Montreal which is a beautiful city with a great night life.

    And last but not least, here is a rebate code for $50.00 "TO000OBJSHARP". You can register at

    VS Live Toronto 2005 - 10% Discount Priority Code

    VS Live is coming to Toronto again - April 13-16th. This year, the event will be right downtown on the lake at the Harbour Westin Castle hotel. Use Priority Code “BARRY” for a 10% discount when you register. You'll also save an additional $250 if you register early by March 16th. Toronto is a great place for a conference, especially when you factor in the exchange rate, this is very affordable for americans.

    I'm speaking at this event, covering some of the methodology customization support in Visual Studio Team System and some new ADO.NET stuff too. Should be a lot of fun.

    Dog Food .NET

    Here is a list of MS products that either include or are built using the .NET Framework. I was surprised to see how big it is. Thanks to Dan Fernandez @ MS for this list.

    • Windows Server 2003 includes 1.1
    • Sharepoint Team Services requires the .NET Framework
    • Sharepoint Portal Server 2.0 requires 1.1 and written in managed code.
    • Small Business Server 2003 - Remote Web Workplace and the Backup Snap-in use .NET
    • Windows XP Tablet PC Edition - 1.1 is included, and the Tablet API is written in managed code.
    • Windows XP Media Center Edition includes 1.1 and some of the applications are written in managed code.
    • Outlook Business Contact Manager - majority written in .NET
    • SQL Reporting Services - majority written in managed code.
    • Exchange 2003 Outlook Mobile Access is written in managed code using ASP.NET mobile controls
    • BizTalk 2004 - parts are written in managed code
    • Commerce Server 2002 - parts are written in managed code
    • Content Management Server 2002 - parts are written in managed code
    • MSN Messenger Server (Presence server and admin/config tools)
    • Microsoft Business Network written in managed code, requires .NET Framework 1.1
    • MS-CRM – parts are written in managed code
    • SharePoint Portal Server 2003 – Parts written in managed code
    • Speech Server 2004 – Parts written in managed code
    • ASP.NET Web Matrix – Fully written in managed code
    • Visual Studio .NET 2002/3 - parts are written in managed code
    • This one seems obvious......NET Framework 1.0/1.1 - parts are written in managed code.


    Bidding on .NET Celebrities

    So today our company ObjectSharp placed a bid for 5 of the individuals on the .NET Celebrity Auction. Firstly, it sucks that max bids are not shown for a charitable auction. I would encourage any winners who didn't get to their max bid, to still donate the full amount to ACEH.

    Now having said that, what would *we* do with 5 .NET Celebrities? Hmmm

    • Scott Hanselman, I'm going to ask you to give a 1 hour MSDN webcast about how easy it is to build a Smart Client Application using datasets and marshal them across web services.
    • Clemens Vasters, I'm going to ask you to give a talk on rapidly building data driven applications with Windows Forms using SqlDataAdapters and dynamic SQL. (No stored procs allowed).
    • Kimberly L. Tripp, how about a MSDN webcast on building mission critical, enterprise scale applications with MS Access.
    • Joel Semeniuk, you're going to give a talk about building rich user interfaces with ASP.NET and client side javascript.
    • Stephen Forte, Essential C++ Managed Extensions
    • Richard Campbell. Creating a Business Intelligence Solutions using the ODBC driver for CSV files.
    • John Lam, a 1 hour talk on Understanding the Unexpected Reactions of Hyrdoxybenzylthiamin. Ok, so he would actually enjoy this, but for my 1 hour of time, I'll watch it and try to learn something.
    • Kate Gregory has also said she would willingly join me in a head shaving.
    • And of course there is the thought of the .NET Celebrity Winter Car Wash!

    Thoughts? Any of you feel like outbidding me?


    .NET Celebrity Auction

    Be a sport and click on this link:

    Then make a generous bid. If you'll win, you'll get an hour (or more) of help from a .NET guru/celebrity (or possibly me). But more, you'll also be helping Tsunami relief efforts.

    The top bid gets to pick their consultant. Then next, and so on and so on. If you are in southern Ontario, and you get me, I'll make it up to you by coming to your office - for a whole day, hang out, and bring donuts. What will I do? I can tell you everything I know about Visual Studio Team System (breaking all kinds of NDA rules, etc.), try to convince you to use data sets, do some code reviews, help debug something nasty, defrag your hard drive, organize your mp3's, tell you what DataGrid girl is really like, whatever.

    I'm visiting Vancouver, Calgary, Ottawa, Montreal over the next 3 months so if you live/work near there, my offer stands, pending my schedule. I'll also be in Orlando possibly in June (for TechEd), LA in Sept (for PDC), and Chicago in August, so ditto on those as well.

    For more info on how it all works....

    And finally, special thanks to the other RD's who are volunteering their time (especially all those fellow Canadians). Last but not least, special thanks to Stephen Forte and Julia Lerman for organizing this.