BizTalk User Group Presentation: "Advanced Large Message and Complex Transformation Handling in BizTalk" - March 28, 2006 - Toronto - -99

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Handling Large Messages in BizTalk
When a message is moving through the BizTalk environment, one or more BizTalk operations may process/alter the message as below:
MessageBox Persistence
When large messages (1MB to 1GB) need to be processed by BizTalk, the above operations may tax the memory and CPU resources of the machine hosting the BizTalk server and the machine hosting the BizTalk MessageBox  database. This presentation will include discussions and demonstrations on methods to more efficiently process large flat file and XML messages in BizTalk.

Extending BizTalk Transformations into Sql Server

When designing complex transformations using the BizTalk mapper, it is sometimes difficult to create a complete working map using links and functoids. Often Custom XSLT must be used in the map to carry out a portion of the transformation or the entire transformation. In addition, when large messages are used as a source message for a map, the entire message is loaded into memory (BizTalk 2004). In BizTalk 2006 this has been somewhat alleviated by buffering the messages to the file system.  This presentation will include discussions and demonstrations using Sql Server 2000/2005 to perform complex transformations and to perform transformations of large messages.

Matt Meleski is an ObjectSharp Consultant who has been helping customers build BizTalk 2004/2006 Solutions over the past two years.  His Blog can be found here: