.NET Power Session: Debugging and Tracing .NET Applications - Oct 16, 2003 - Toronto - -9

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New to object orientation? Need a review? Want to see how OO is implemented by the Common Type System? Get all the answers in this session. .Net and all of it's languages take full advantage of the OO paradigm. This session introduces the CTS and shows how it supports OO within your applications.


  • Intro to the CTS
    • value types vs. reference types
  • Object Orientation in C# and VB.Net
    • inheritance
    • encapsulation
    • polymorphism
  • Hiding
  • Overloading
  • Modifiers
    • abstract
    • new
    • virtual
    • override
  • Interfaces

Troubleshooting today's complex applications can quickly consume a project's budget. Visual Studio.NET contains powerful tools to make developers more productive when debugging and tracing applications and components. This intensive half day seminar at ObjectSharp allowed the capacity crowd an opportunity to hear about the exciting debugging and tracing capabilities of Visual Studio.NET 2003.

Dennis Lee and Jay Sreedharan of ObjectSharp demonstrated their favourite debugging techniques to conquer the most persistent bugs. Topics covered:

  • Debugging a stored procedure
  • Performing conditional debugging
  • Remotely debugging a web application from a client machine
  • Stepping through a windows service and a serviced component
  • Debugging a web application at dev time or tracing through it after deployment
  • Setting break points and stepping through a windows application