TVBUG Presentation on SOA Design - Mar 05, 2004 - Toronto - -15

Currently, the big architectural push is towards a service-oriented architecture (SOA). While the term sounds impressive, it is important to understand both what SOA is and how it can benefit a development team. In this presentation Bruce covers not only what SOA is, but how to design service-based applications using technologies that are currently available. And, as important, Bruce also covers how to make sure that your implementation can more easily take advantage of the new technologies that will be available with Indigo and Whidbey. For more information on the time and location, check out the Toronto Visual Basic User Group website

Takeaways from this session:

- What SOA is and how it compares to object-oriented development techniques. - How to design applications to take advantage of SOA. - A description of the technologies that can be used to build SOA applications right now.