The Common Type System (CTS): Applying OO Techniques in .Net - Jun 20, 2002 - Vancouver - -1

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New to object orientation? Need a review? Want to see how OO is implemented by the Common Type System? Get all the answers in this session. .Net and all of it's languages take full advantage of the OO paradigm. This session introduces the CTS and shows how it supports OO within your applications.


  • Intro to the CTS
    • value types vs. reference types
  • Object Orientation in C# and VB.Net
    • inheritance
    • encapsulation
    • polymorphism
  • Hiding
  • Overloading
  • Modifiers
    • abstract
    • new
    • virtual
    • override
  • Interfaces

Dennis Lee is a consultant and instructor with ObjectSharp Consulting. He has worked extensively as a trainer and developer in a variety of technologies including PowerBuilder, Java and now .Net. Dennis has tried to ignore Microsoft development technologies for most of his career but could not resist the temptation of .Net.